I'm Lisa, originally from Dublin, but living in London for two decades now.  

I’ve worked in the music industry for almost all of that time, and my day job for the last six years has been as a freelance A&R Consultant, predominantly working in the world of catalogue (i.e. not brand new music).  Here’s a thing I did for the Abbey Road website a few years ago about my job and being a woman and a mum in the music industry.  And here's another thing I did more recently for the excellent Women In Vinyl site.

Hand on heart, I’m doing my absolute dream job, and there are many days when the teenage me just would have been in total awe at the projects I work on.

But I realised a few years ago that a lot of my listening had become very narrow.  And I have had a bit of a soap-box thing for the past few years about women being under-represented in catalogue release schedules (no offence to the wonderful male artists and bands whose projects I really love working on!).  

So this blog gives me a reason to constantly seek out and talk about great music by women.  I tend to focus on reissues and catalogue releases, because that is what I know and love, but turns out I’m not averse to a bit of brand-new music either now and again.

Hope you enjoy reading!

(If you’d like to get in touch, drop me a note at hello@reissuesbywomen.com) 


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