Update: Friday 4th December 

So this is Christmas, and what have you done - well, I have updated the Christmas playlist…!

The feedback since it launched on Tuesday morning has been quite phenomenal, and the song suggestions keep pouring in, and with three weeks still to go to The Big Day it seemed silly not to add some more tunes in.

They’ve been peppered throughout, but if you want to just hear the new additions, don’t forget you can sort by date...

Thanks to Carmel Crimmins, Eleni Psaltis, Emma Kunz, Holly Carter, Roz Shepperd, Sarah Ronan, Senel Rifat and Sue Armstrong for the latest batch of additions!

Tuesday 1st December

What started out as a brief mention on a couple of WhatsApp groups, ended up with more than fifty female family members and friends, women I know from within the music industry and outside of it, being part of a playlist of Christmas songs sung by women that has been curated by women.  

A huge thank you to everyone who got involved - the full list of contributors is below.  

Hope you enjoy the playlist! (available here).

And in case it was in any doubt, I can confirm that Mariah is the undisputed Queen Of Christmas - 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' was the most requested song by some margin!

Contributors: Abi Walton, Adele Prince, Aislinn Casey, Ali Maclean, Alison Bradshaw, Aoife Corbett, Aviv Corrigan, Carolyn Agger, Cathy Hawkes, Claire Neillands, Clare Britt, Claudine Munro-Lafon, Denise Weber Farquhar, Eithne Staunton, Eleni Psaltis, Emily Payne, Emma Hill, Emma Malcolm, Gila Tabrizi, Hannah Chadwick, Helen Carr, Jacqueline Francis, Jane Clarke, Jennifer Deegan, Jess Jennings, Julie Parslow, Kate Aldous, Katie Watts, Kristina Keliris, Laura Wilkin, Leila Hebden, Lucie Panton, Lucy Benbow, Lucy Launder, Maggi Clifford, Mary E. Power, Mary F. Power, Molly Andruskevicius, Nadine King, Natalie Aldham, Rebecca Kelly, Robyn Elton, Roz Shepperd, Sarah Ronan, Sarah Samuel, Shannon Conway, Shelley Baker, Senel Rifat, Siggy Robson, Sinead Ingoldsby, Sinead Kidd Neville, Siobhain Moriarty Neville, Sodia Haddassi-Amma, Sophie Hilton, Susan Bradley, Susan Hancock, Susan Noy, Trish McGregor, Vicky Gregory

Artwork by Eloise McKeown