It's the first of June, the first day of summer in the meteorological calendar, and so here is the Reissues By Women Summer Playlist!

Eight-five songs, collaboratively compiled by 30 people, with the theme of summer in mind - spanning sunshine, beaches, sand, travel, holidays, heat and the like.

Like Mariah at Christmas, there is one song that immediately says "summer" to so many of you - and that is 'Walking On Sunshine' by Katrina And The Waves, so its popularity has been honoured by awarding it the top spot as track 1.  

There were some amazing songs suggested that ultimately were ruled out on the basis of being duets with men.  And following feedback on the last collaborative playlist, the swearier ones are towards the end...

Massive thanks to everyone who contributed to this, it wouldn't have happened without you all and your brilliant suggestions: Adele Prince, Andrea Barber, Claire Neillands, Coreen Reilly, Emma Malcolm, Gila Tabrizi, Jordan Gold, Julie Sheridan, Justin Clack, Kate Aldous, Katie Watts, Kristina Keliris, Laura Brereton, Lisa Connolly, Lucie Panton, Mark Calderbank, Martha Calderbank, Martin Faulkner, Mary Power, Roni Norcross, Sally Drayton, Sam Broderick, Sarah Samuel, Siggy Robson, Sinead Ingoldsby, Sodia Haddassi-Amma, Susan Bradley, Tien Wilde, The Yard Woman

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