On 4th October 2020 I showed up on the internet with a just-registered blog site and some newly set-up social media profiles all in the name Reissues By Women. I don’t mind admitting that this was WAY out of my comfort zone but I felt the fear and did it anyway, because that’s the way I roll (it’s actually so not the way I roll…). And I am delighted to be still here a year later! 

Massive thanks to everyone who has got involved over the past fifty-two weeks: reading, liking, commenting, sharing and getting in touch to let me know about things I might like. 

Thanks to all who contributed to playlists, I have loved chatting about musical memories with you. 

And many thanks to those who sent me things to include in the blog - and for anyone reading this who is working on anything that might remotely come under the heading of “reissues by women” feel free to send a copy my way!

Here’s to year two!